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How Much will I Pay in Electricity?
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Have you ever thought that you’d like to set up an oxygen generation and compression system so you could make oxygen on site, but you’ve wondered how much you would end up paying in electricity? Many people are curious to know if their electrical bill will skyrocket after making the switch to High Volume Oxygen. When the HVO System is properly specified, it will cycle on and off. For most glass studios, the system may run for half of the workday, or it may run for a couple of hours. The size of the system, the components being run and the amount of oxygen being used are all considerations when figuring out how much you’ll be paying in electrical costs. This three part series will examine a large, medium and small studio setup.


If you just want to know how much power your HVO system will use, you can look here.


The full series of articles can be found on our blog:


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